September 16, 2019

Productivity Tips for Working From Your Apartment

Whether you work as a freelancer, on your own time and schedule, or tele-commute full- or part-time for your company, the ability to work from your apartment can be a huge benefit. It does, however, take some commitment and organization to ensure that you maintain your productivity while working from home. Follow these productivity tips for working from your apartment, and make the most of your flexible work life. 

  • Designate Work Space – Whether you have an entire room to dedicate as office space in your apartment, or just carve out a nook for your use, having a designated space can help you keep organized and focused.

  • Get Organized – To-do lists will help you to prioritize your tasks and projects so you know what to focus on, and what can wait. Be sure your work space has plenty of room to keep everything you will need access to, as a messy workspace can overwhelm you and make it difficult to focus.

  • Be Comfortable – Your work environment should be quiet – away from any heavily used areas of your apartment – and comfortable. Good ventilation and plenty of natural and artificial light will help to keep you productive, while comfortable furniture will make your day fly by.

  • Take Breaks – Ironically, the key to productivity is allowing yourself breaks to clear your mind. Determine whether you want your day to be broken into specific time intervals, or by projects, and then determine your break schedule accordingly. And during those breaks, allow yourself to completely walk away to clear your mind – have a snack or take a short walk. You will return to work refreshed and focused, and ready to tackle the next task.

  • Utilize Technology – There are a variety of software platforms and apps that can keep you organized and on-task when you work from your apartment. You can download apps to block websites and apps that might distract you will you are working, or that help you manage your workflow to help you stay on task. 

Working from home can be a great way to maintain an enjoyable work-life balance, and following just a few tips to maintain productivity can help make you successful. At Borror, we are pleased to offer our residents the very best space to make working from home possible, successful, and enjoyable. 

Many Borror properties (985 High | The Beeker | 303 Front Street) offer rooftop patios where you can catch some fresh air, and are just steps away from restaurants where you can grab a quick lunch or a cup of coffee with colleagues and clients. 303 in Downtown Columbus offers residents built-in wifi, and The Jerome in the Short North features working spaces throughout its lobby. 

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